I started on this culinary journey with the intention of sharing my deep love for food with those around me. Throughout my career, I have acquired expertise in various cuisines, ranging from southern comfort, gourmet, and Asian to Italian.

My culinary journey began several years ago at various fine dining restaurants, where each establishment grew my love of food and honed my culinary expertise. However, it was at a remarkable place called Italian Market and Grill where I truly grasped the significance of freshness and the wonders of herbs. Everything we did there was made fresh to order without a microwave insight! We hand cut the steaks and ground our own meats, an experience that significantly influenced my culinary philosophy.

When you choose Chef Mo’s Cafe & Catering that is the level of freshness and quality you can expect. So, if you want Chef Master Mo to take your taste buds on a culinary journey, then come on by and taste the difference at Chef Mo’s Cafe & Catering!